Friday, 18 February 2011

The Peoples' Front Annual General Meeting

Last night we convened for our annual general meeting to decide what direction our campaign will take in the next 12 months. After some discussion we decided to continue with our existing long-standing campaign strategies which were discussed in the previous post.

In addition to this, we agreed to continue our existing three-stage plan to bring about mass cycling in Gloucestershire:

1. Continue with existing long-standing campaign strategies

2. ? ? ?

3. Mass cycling

We expect that step 2 will most likely reveal itself to us in the fullness of time.


  1. Just what are you people up to?!
    This radical plan of yours will bring about a cycling revolution, indeed it could change the way the whole country sees cycling.
    And then where would we be?
    Less cars = less road tax being paid = crash of UK PLC

  2. Surely you mean the "popular cycling front" AGM, and not People's cycling front AGM -as they are the greater enemy that SG council.

  3. I keep forgetting about those splitters, The Peoples Front, with their silly ambitious campaign. We are used to being able to call ourselves whatever we want, as the sole voice of cycling in Gloucestershire. Those crazy Peoples Front types are going to get cycling banned if they don't stop asking for useful dedicated infrastructure

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