Friday, 3 August 2012

Promoting Cycling in Winter

We stumbled upon this lovely site earlier today called Challenge for Change, whose blog has an interesting piece on promoting cycling in winter. At first we were worried by the picture which appears to show a cyclist using a segregated cycle path on a snowy day, but thankfully the piece didn't mention any of those silly 'facilities' and instead focussed on what we know to work: Encouragement, education and elective behavioural change on the part of cyclists.

Why not head on over there and check it out?

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Peoples' Front Annual General Meeting

Last night we convened for our annual general meeting to decide what direction our campaign will take in the next 12 months. After some discussion we decided to continue with our existing long-standing campaign strategies which were discussed in the previous post.

In addition to this, we agreed to continue our existing three-stage plan to bring about mass cycling in Gloucestershire:

1. Continue with existing long-standing campaign strategies

2. ? ? ?

3. Mass cycling

We expect that step 2 will most likely reveal itself to us in the fullness of time.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Popular Cycling Front of Gloucestershire is online!

The Popular Cycling Front of Gloucestershire, henceforth known as The Popular Front, is now online, after campaigning quietly offline for many years.

We shall continue to offer little opposition as conditions on the roads continue to decline, continuing to hope that the existing tactics which have failed to deliver much in the way of significant gains will start to deliver significant gains .

Cyclist training and asking motorists to be nicer to other road users are top of the bill. Whilst we would love for conditions as good as The Netherlands, we accept that there is simply no political will for this, and will continue not to attempt to create any political will to do so. After all, why rock the boat? Things might be bad, but it is much more important to prevent things getting worse than it is to ever hope they will improve.

We are a group of people who work openly, but you could be forgiven for thinking we work in secret, who do not waste our time challenging the status quo in any meaningful or significant manner. After all, we wouldn't want to be a bother

We will act on the streets, to achieve our dream "minimising the continued decline of cycling by tinkering around the edges of the road network"

What will we do? We shall politely ask the council to, you know, maybe do put up some posters asking motorists mot to hit us, and making sure that people know to ask their workplaces for showers. Just because the council have not shown any real interest in taking cycling seriously for decades doesn't mean that trying a different approach could be a good idea.

And nothing at all changes, we can sleep easy safe in the knowledge that we might have helped stop it getting any worse. A bit